Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chrome-A New Browsing Experience

Google recently released its own browser named "Chrome". This one application is so tailored that it became popular within no time. Being part of an open source project too, Chrome is still under development and only the Beta version is available for download.

This browser is so fast-it loads in seconds and is less memory hungry.  Chrome having excellent features like auto complete, predictive search, thumbnails of frequently visited web pages makes it the application for the regular net surfer.

If you haven't tried Chrome yet, give it a try- It weighs only about 8 MB

Features at a Glance
  • Very short loading time - Activates within seconds
  • Tabbed browsing facility for easier browsing
  • Requires less memory
  • Provides thumbnails of frequently visited pages at the welcome screen
  • Provides protection against malicious websites
  • Updates itself without user intervention
  • Its freeware - feel free to use

Expecting more from Google. Stay tuned.

Links for more information: